Career Civil Servant

Welcome! My name is Chris – and I’m a civil servant.

A career civil servant with over 27 years working for the City of New York. I worked my way up through the ranks from entry level (although my initial position was not an “entry-level” job), supervisor, and up several levels of management.

I could speak on my particular job – I am a Radio Repair Mechanic derivative by trade – but as a hiring manager and leader I find that I get many questions related to hiring processes, promotional activities, union & management relations, as well as pay structures and philosophies.

I can’t say I am an expert in the civil service hiring or labor relations process; I can only report that the knowledge I gained is from the school of hard knocks. I am not trained in human resources, labor law, or psychology. I will try to validate my explanations and, hopefully, have participation and input from the acquaintances and friendships I’ve made and retained through my career.

My reasoning for starting this blog is that it is difficult to find someone who can explain the procedures in plain language or give real friendly guidance on what to expect or, perhaps, who is the intended candidate for a job. There is the difference between the civil service titles and the actual working title you may have. Perhaps you accepted a job and found that you were hired “provisionally” and don’t quite know what that means. Maybe you took a test and wonder if and/or when you may be called for a job.

I have worked for three agencies in NYC during my tenure and, as of this writing, still work for the city. I recently took a new job within another agency and have support staff who were hired provisionally before I got there. I advised them that need to take and pass a test to keep their job – maybe keep their job. It depends on if they pass, their list number, and if the agency calls the list. They didn’t quite understand this until I explained it to them in detail.

But – working for the city has significant benefits. Job security – especially once you pass a test and become “permanent”. It’s still a place where you can still earn a pension. Have access to 457 plans, 401k plans, medical, dental, life insurance plans. Lots of stuff. Especially when the corporate world has beaten you down and you want some stability and benefits.

I will mainly discuss CIVILIAN positions; most people are familiar with the uniformed jobs like NYPD Police Officer, FDNY Firefighters, Paramedics, and EMT’s, DOC Corrections Officer, etc. and they have their own rules, unions, coverage plans, and there are many sites that discuss these – from rant sites to NYC sanctioned or supported sites. For here, I’m talking Radio Repair Mechanics, Stockworkers, Auto Mechanics, 220 workers, general “Citywide Contract” employees.

I’ll include links to helpful sites, including ones where I may receive compensation that will help support this blog and others where I do not. Sites where jobs may be posted, others where more information can be found. Although my experience is mainly within the confines of the City of New York, I have other family members who work in the civil service community in local government, where many similarities exist, and I will include help in those areas where I can.

Good luck in your journey to nail that “city job” and let’s get you set up so you can win at the game.

Comments and questions are welcomed here.