Job Focus: Motor Vehicle Operator (MVO)

I receive many requests from my blog followers looking for NYC Civil Service Jobs that have minimal experience and education requirements. One such job that is posted now is Motor Vehicle Operator, or MVO for short. The present postings are active until the end of February 2018 at the DCAS website.

As the title reflects, as a Motor Vehicle Operator you’ll be driving around all day – so if you can’t handle city traffic or driving larger vehicles, then this is not the job for you. With a New York State Class “D” license you can drive vehicles up to 26,000 lbs. or less. Vehicles in this weight class not only include cars, but they also include vans, ambulances, pickup trucks, and even some box trucks.

If you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) you can apply for Selective Certification and improve your chances of being selected (once you pass the test) for agencies that have larger vehicles.


 The general task of the MVO is to handle the transportation tasks that are needed at the particular agency. For example, in one of the agencies I worked for, the MVO’s transported vehicles between the auto repair shops and my radio shop. This way neither an auto mechanic nor a radio mechanic needed to perform the “shuffling of vehicles” and the mechanics can stay focused on their specific discipline. Another task that MVO’s performed would be to transport vehicles that were under warranty from the repair shop to the manufacturer’s service facility. These might include ambulances, fire apparatus (engines, ladders, and specialty vehicles with a CDL), as well as passenger vans and buses. In cases where vehicles were being replaced they would drive the new vehicle to the facility and drive the old one back.

MVO’s are unionized and supported by local 983 that is part of DC37.

According to the Notice of Examination(s) (NOE) you can schedule yourself to take the exam at the time of application. You apply through the city’s OASys system. There is a study guide from a company called National Learning Corporation. I’ve used some of their other books but I’m not familiar with this one. It may be helpful. If you’re in the city you can try the bookstore at 89 Worth Street. Perhaps a review of the NYS CDL manual could help too.

There are different groups of agencies supported by DCAS – mayoral or city (i.e. Police and Fire among others), Health + Hospitals (a public benefit company) and the City University of New York (CUNY – “… independent system of higher education…”) – each that needs to be applied for independently. To improve your chances of getting hired if you pass, I STRONGLY suggest that you apply to all of them. For the tests I’ve taken that included multiple agencies usually it’s the same test and the other agencies are just “check boxes” to be included – it doesn’t make sense for you to have to take the test three times – but I’m not familiar with how this is handled through OASys. You may have to speak with a DCAS representative if you have questions about this.

From the CUNY NOE:

There are also slightly different descriptions of tasks within each NOE, so make sure you read them thoroughly to make sure you understand the requirements. Click the links to see each NOE: City Exam 8321, H+H Exam 8322, CUNY Exam 8340.

I suspect that if you are hired, you would be not be hired provisionally but probationary permanent, becoming a permanent after a successful year of service. Remember that it’s not just the salary but the entire city benefits package that would be available to you including medical, prescription drug coverage, 401(k) and 457 savings plans, and a pension.

If you do apply I wish you the best of luck!


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