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Many people are lost or confused with the hiring process, career growth, or movement within the civil service system – especially in New York City.

My name is Chris and I’ve worked for the City of New York for 29 years – rose through the ranks from provisional through senior staff, taking tests, moving thorough several agencies and working under various administrations.

Maybe I can answer some of your questions. Please take a look at the latest post or start right at the beginningYou can also contact me via email at: chris@civilservicejobnyc.com

New York City Civil Service Jobs

There are usually several NYC Civil Service Jobs available at anytime, some requiring unique skills; others not. Take a look at some of the Helpful Links, some which take you to agency sites showing you available jobs, and Recent Posts, where I discuss opinions and experiences and share some history and stories about working for New York City.

I encourage you to leave comments and ask questions – I will do my best to give you an answer – and perhaps create posts that can help others.

I try to provide access to resources, Civil Service Study Guide providers, and some recommendations that may be helpful. I also have some links to resources in the surrounding counties and towns. Many follow similar rules, laws and procedures and what is discussed here may be (in many cases) relevant to those municipalities.

Good luck with your job search, studying for a civil service exam, or in maintaining your civil service status!

Other NYC Topics of Interest

Some of the posts may digress off of the “obtaining” Civil Service Jobs aspect and report on other topics of interest to some segment of NYC employees or interested parties (i.e.: my FirstNet and 9/11 Recommendations Post or NYC Retirement Information). I hope that the information provides some help in obtaining a career, maintaining and securing your future, and hopefully retiring healthy from the City of New York!